Together, we act now so young people around the globe understand that peace is within their reach, and we encourage them to act towards this goal.  PeaceWorX is an empowerment tool—a safe space to use education, activities, conversations and other resources to build attitudes, resilience and collective inspiration for peace.



Many young people are already intimately familiar with the realities of violent extremism and want to take active roles in enacting change. By giving youth the tools to think more deeply about their choices, we will help them become peacebuilders—or change agents for peace.



“It is about giving them competencies to understand others. This is what we call here [at UNESCO] Education for Global Citizenship.”
Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO



It is important for young people to understand that they are not alone in the effort to prevent violence, even in its most extreme forms. This platform encourages unity, education, and action. Together, we can empower young people to become proactive contributors to sustainable peace.


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PeaceWorX is a dynamic platform that enables young people to converge—both locally and online—to build attitudes and resilience against extremist messages through educational activities, community involvement, and social activism. PeaceWorX supports peacebuilders committed to a more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, and secure world.


Board Members

Elizabeth Izard Apelles

CEO The GTO Group
Elizabeth Izard Apelles, CEO of The Greater Than One Group (GTO), is a firm believer in reaching back. Apelles makes it her mission to not only influence the lives locally at GTO, but also globally with Greater Good. GTO is an independent group of digital healthcare pioneers who position Imagination at the center of creativity, strategy and technology in order to create integrated solutions to the most complex business challenges.

Apelles is also the Chairman of GTO’s foundation, Greater Good ( GG is a 501c3 focused on tackling global challenges related to children. Amongst their projects is PeaceWorX, a platform which enables and encourages young people to take on peacebuilding as a must do, locally and globally. Please visit to learn more, and Honeycomb, a place for patients and their families to house their health information.
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Noreddine Meterfi

Managing Director, Partner Greater Than One Europe
With over 20 years of experience and enthusiasm for marketing, Noreddine Meterfi is making his mark as Partner at GTO Group and Managing Director of Greater Than One Europe (GTO Europe). Based in Madrid, Meterfi is in charge of European operations at GTO Group.

Meterfi is also responsible for implementing and increasing the activities of GTO’s Foundation, Greater Good, in Europe ( Meterfi is a proud alumnus of the University of Paris La Sorbonne where he earned two bachelor’s Degrees in history and in journalism.
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Jan Chavez- Arceo LT Colonel PA (MSNA) (RES)

Program Manager
Jan Chavez- Arceo is known as the ‘slasher’ who wears multiple hats. She has over 30 years of combined experiences in marketing, brand management, marketing customer research, advertising, public relations, crisis management, media planning and buying, integrated brand activation, cause and digital marketing.

Chavez- Arceo has managed multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns of multinational consumer brands and over the years, has honed her expertise as a communication strategy, development manager, strategist, a development manager, cause and social marketer, integrated in multi-media and marketing strategist, data protection and cyber security specialist and educator.
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Marilee Bresciani Ludvik, Ph.D

Professor at San Diego State University
One thing to know about Marilee Bresciani Ludvik, Ph.D. is that she’ll never stop learning. Ludvik serves as a professor of postsecondary educational leadership at San Diego State University. Within her many academic achievements, she’s written 11 books, published over 200 scholarly articles, and empowered over 200 institutions and their leaders on organizational learning assessment and the accountability decision-making processes.

While she researches translational neuroscience and mindful compassion practices that inform design and evaluation of workshops, curriculum, she stays grounded as a certified meditation and yoga teacher.
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Dylan Wray

Executive Director Shikaya
Dylan Wray is a man who leads a purpose driven life. Wray is co-founder and director of Shikaya – a non-profit that supports teachers and school leaders to ensure young people leave school thinking critically, and engaging as compassionate, active and democratic citizens.

He continues to work closely with Facing History and Ourselves, managing their South African program. Wray has worked globally as a teacher, facilitator, materials developer and author, and is co-founder of FutureProof Schools.
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